Occasionally (VERY occasionally!) I am overcome with the urge to write a poem. Today was such an occasion.

It’s Christmas, you see. So Merry Christmas to you all


Back there was snow and sleet and ice

It really wasn’t very nice

The nights too long, the days too dreary

Too much work made my eyes bleary

And endless winters left me weary.


In driving rain, trains – always late

Would lurch and jolt; I’d fight for space

To breathe and dodge the smelly louts

With nowt to do but hang about;

They really could do with a clout.


Back there, beneath our Christmas tree

Were heaps of parcels, yes indeed!

But though wealth bought us gifts galore

Our lives were such an awful bore;

We knew we wanted so much more.


And then one day Australia said,

“Here’s your visa – go ahead,

Pack your bags and book your flights

It’s time to move to Paradise.”

You can imagine our delight!


And now we live in QLD

Where ‘roos and cockatoos roam free;

We sought the sun, we changed address

And though our gifts are slightly less

We’ve never known such happiness.