I’m still alive. Alive and cooking, actually.
That’s a pun. It’s November in Paradise and temperatures are soaring.

I still don’t know what’s the story with the lame man and his three-legged-dog but I still see them. The dog is still happy and the man still wears the same hat, although he now wears shorts, which has allowed me to see that both legs are strapped – one on the ankle, the other the knee. Which leads me to believe it was an accident that has caused his distress. Still doesn’t explain the dog, unless the dog was in the same accident.

We’re on waving terms now. Not the dog, but his owner. We nod G’day to each other if we’re in range.

I had almost given up on blogging, you know. And then certain parties (no LiVEwiRe‘s mentioned) dropped a comment in my inbox and I thought, How rude of me to just drop off the face of the earth like that.

So here I am. I have not read a blog in months. Why? Time, I suppose. When one has an obsessive personality like mine one can spend entire days on something as distracting as blog-lurking. I spent three days last week looking at photos of short haircuts. Over 3,000 in fact. When I tell people that they laugh like it’s a joke. Ha ha. Actually it’s more accurate than I’d like to admit.

But hey, I have a great new short-short haircut now.

So, as I was saying… I’ve been trying to avoid getting caught up in things that take me away from finishing my novel. The thing is now just starting to annoy me. I’m midway through the rewrites and I’ve had it. I want to get it finished and move onto the next one. What can I say? Patience was never my strong suit.
We won’t get into all the emotions that go along with it – the novel, not the patience thing. I just want it to be finished.

Hence the blog-silence.

That, plus I really don’t feel like I have much to say anymore.

But thanks for the wake-up call. I missed you too.