Let’s talk about writing for a while. I have great ambitions to turn this blog into a place where I share my experiences and pearls of wisdom as a writer. Thus far, I have succeeded in… well, not a lot, actually. Step one is to post something new on a regular basis. Perhaps I should call that “Strike One” instead.

There are so many writing blogs out there. Where do they come up with all the stuff they write about? And where do they find the time to put it all together in a way that makes it easy and interesting for others to read? Me, I spend most of my days actually writing on my novel. Perhaps I am just not good at multi-tasking. Or perhaps I am too fussy in my choice of subject. Maybe I just need to pick a topic, start typing and see what comes out.
I shall brainstorm later on said topics.

Meanwhile, an update on my novel…
The Truth About Lying” is coming along nicely. The first draft, as I mentioned a little while ago, is done. I have read through the manuscript in its entirety and it wasn’t nearly as crap as I thought it might be. My first round of edits focussed on the things that really jumped out at me while I was reading it through. That sorted, I am now in the rewriting phase.

One of my favourite quotes is borrowed from James Michener:

I’m not a very good writer, but I’m an excellent rewriter.

At this point I am focussed on breathing life into my characters and adding tension to the story, scene by scene. Most of the skill in doing this has been developed from reading the advice and tips of other writers.
There is an awful lot of information out there and you’d be amazed at how freely it is shared.

Perhaps, in time, I can learn to do the same.