Why, oh why, do people choose to perpetuate the *shit* that continues to pester us in the form of hoax emails?

Today I saw one that insisted that lemons have healing properties 10,000 times stronger than chemotherapy… Why? Why would anyone even put that in an email in the first place? What is the point? Are they hoping to see if it will travel around the globe and make its way back to them? Is it the digital age’s version of “broken telephone”?

Who are these people who are so bored that they make up nonsense like that?

And people, please… wise the hell up!

They all sound the same. See if any of this rings a bell:

“This is the latest discovery in xxx!”
“The source is one of the (largest/oldest/cleverist) (businesses/organizations) in the (country/world)!”
“I heard it direct from my (uncle/best friend/fourth cousin twice removed).”

Here’s a hint. You can be guaranteed that anything with
– more than one exclamation point (“!”), or
– a claim that sounds too good to be true
is Not Legitimate.

So please, please do the world a favour. Bookmark the URL for hoax-slayer.com and if in doubt, check it out.

Or just do what I do and delete the damn thing.

Thank you.