The first draft of my novel is done. Two days ago I wrote “THE END”.

How did I feel? Exhausted, to be honest. I did about 3 days’ worth of work in one and it took it’s toll. My head was sore and foggy from being so deeply “in character” for the day. And then I had to go to work and teach people to Rumba for a few hours in the evening. Phew!

Yesterday was different, though. I woke up, poked The Husband in the ribs and said, “Hey, I finished writing a novel yesterday!” It felt great. Still does.

Now I just need to print it out and read it to see if it makes sense. I’m excited about that. I’m excited to edit it and rewrite and make it better. Because once that is done I can send it off and see about getting it published. Being as patient as I am (?!) I’ll see how that goes and if the traditional route doesn’t look promising I will go with e-publishing. By all accounts, that is the way of the future. Who am I to rail against progress? Best I look at buying an e-reader sometime soon.

I see only one cloud on this bright new horizon. Before it can be called a novel, it needs to be called… something. As in: Up until now it has been saved in a folder on my laptop called “NaNoWriMo2010”, because I started this particular incarnation of it for last year’s NaNoWriMo contest.

But “NaNoWriMo2010” is not a good title for a book – at least, not this particular one. Fiddlesticks. Five months of writing and I still haven’t happened upon a suitable title for it. I’m not good at titles. Never have been. I don’t particularly like any of the titles of my short stories. Hell, I even battle to title my blog posts… and between you and me, I even hate the title of this blog! I eventually just settled on it because if I waited for the perfect title the blog would never have been born.

As much as I would like other opinions for a title, though, I almost feel that would be cheating. I need to do this myself.

Oh well, nobody said it would be easy. Wish me luck. At some point I’ll let you know what I come up with. I will probably title that post, “Let the Hindsight Begin”.