Still on my reclining chair, I’m waiting for The Husband to bring back Indian take-out, and I have one-and-a-half scenes left to write to finish the first draft of my novel.

Life is good.

In fact, it’s hard to come up with interesting blog posts when life is this good. Hence the cyber-silence. OK that’s an excuse, I know. I haven’t been reading blogs either. Too busy writing, and teaching people to Foxtrot, and sewing. Oh yes. Lots and lots of sewing. I’m in creative heaven.

One of these days I’ll show you what I’ve made. Pillow covers, skirts, dresses, tops… or at least one of each. Next up: a full-size quilt. But not until the first draft is complete.

Meanwhile, my dinner has arrived.

I’ll catch up with y’all later…