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It’s late afternoon and I sit in my recliner, in my lounge, in my house at the beach. The sliding doors are open to allow a sea breeze to cool things down. It was 29 degrees with 85% humidity at eight this morning and it’s only grown hotter as the day has passed.

I’m not doing nothing, though. Not sleeping, or watching TV, or just staring out at the ocean. Although of course when I do just stare out at the ocean, know that it is considered to be work. Because hey, I’m writing a novel, remember? It is absolutely essential to stare into the distance for long periods of time. One has to think in order to write creatively. Daydreaming is a required activity.

But I did that this morning. Since lunch I have been hammering away at the keyboard in search of my daily word count – at times, even successfully.

However, I am having some trouble concentrating.

Because north of us the biggest, baddest cyclone the world has ever seen – or so they would have us believe.

Image from weatherzone.com

Tropical Cyclone Yasi

Yasi is being compared with Katrina. They have pretty much evacuated the north of Queensland and reckon that the bitch is bringing winds of over 300 kph and up to a metre of rain. You must know there’s gonna be trouble when you can start to measure the rainfall by the metre!
And I haven’t even mentioned the storm surge yet.

Thankfully Brisbane is safe from this one. But the poor people north of us… as if the floods of the last month or two weren’t enough!

So yes, it’s hard to concentrate. I have a friend who lives near Mackay – south of where the cyclone is expected to hit, but with a width of 500km you can bet your ass they’re going to see some pretty bad wind at the very least.
It is worrying.
And it is disturbing.

But I still would rather live here than anywhere else.

Pray for the people in the north of Queensland. They’ve had a rough month and it’s about to get a whole lot rougher.