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Friday 7 Jan - King Tide came over the wall

You may have heard it’s become a little wet in Queensland, Australia.

The floods have worked their way gradually southwards over the past days and now Brisbane is no longer just under threat. It is in the thick of it. The Brisbane River burst its banks today. This is it. The dam they built to save the city after the Big Floods of 1974 is almost 200% full and the floodgates are open, with more water pouring in at the same time. Word of the day is “evacuation”. Our most precious personal belongings are packed in a bag and ready to go.

Just in case.

For our household it is an unlikely scenario, but we have to wait for Thursday’s king tides to pass before we can breath easily again. It turns out there is a down-side to having an uninterrupted sea view!

Supermarket shelves are empty. My pantry is stocked with baked beans and spaghetti. I hate baked beans.

I pray that having to eat baked beans is the worst I have to face in the coming days. For those in places like Toowoomba, Gympie, Dalby and now all along the river in Brisbane it is much, much worse.

Please spare a thought for all those Queenslanders whose homes have been swallowed by the floods, and for those lives lost. Say a prayer for the angels of the emergency services.

And let us hope that the rain stops.