SA - Ireland - Crete - ParisOne of the things I enjoyed the most about all the travelling we did in Europe was meeting new and different people. No matter where you go there will always be someone open enough to have a chat with a complete stranger from somewhere else in the world. I’ve missed that. It is not only interesting but I believe it goes a long way to broadening the mind. Plus it’s great inspiration for characters when one is a writer of fiction.

We have now been static for just over a year. Meeting Queenslanders is no longer a new experience because I sort of am one now. Which is why Saturday morning just past was so much fun.

It was a typically glorious morning. The Husband and I sipped coffee on the front deck and revelled in the warmth of the sun on our skins and the sparkles on the water. But no matter how hard we wished, no butler magically appeared to serve us breakfast. So we cleaned ourselves off, geared ourselves up and set out on our motorcycles in search of food, coming to a halt outside a small restaurant / café along the waterfront on Redcliff peninsula. There were small tables, rattan chairs and shade umbrellas, and a lovely view of Moreton Bay. Almost as good as the one from our front deck.

We had just settled ourselves in our seats after ordering breakfast when a couple arrived and parked themselves at the next table. Our coffee arrived. Really good coffee, I should add. I was on my third sip or so when the man at the next table looked at me with a friendly smile and asked, “Is madame from Paris..?”

My confusion was short-lived as I remembered the necklace I wore has a tiny diamanté Eiffel Tower on it. Why no I wasn’t, said I. But judging by the accents I assumed they were..?

And so began a conversation between the two South Africans who spent a decade in Ireland, travelled the world and have now settled in Australia (i.e. Us) and a man from Crete who has lived in Paris for 35 years, his French wife and their 4-year-old daughter. We had much in common. The Husband and I have been to Crete and the surrounding Greek islands. Paris is my favourite city in the world. The French lady reckons her ideal lifestyle would be to have a home in both Crete and Paris and spend the best of the seasons in each. I had to agree with her and we all shared a chuckle.

Our food arrived and shortly afterwards, so did theirs. We continued to chat over breakfast. Business cards and life stories were exchanged. They are at the tail end of a year of touring the world and we were invited to dine in the restaurant they own, just near Notre Dame in Paris.

I think I may just take her up on her offer, some day.

Yep, Saturday morning was definitely the most entertaining meal I’ve had in a long time. I guess if I can’t be the one to go out and do the travelling, the Universe will just have to bring the travelling to me…