The Husband went away on a hunting trip this weekend. He came back with a gift for me.

Gabe the Gecko

Gabe the Gecko

Meet Gabe the Gecko.

(Yeah, I know. I, too, was glad it wasn’t a stuffed rabbit. Although come to think of it there may be one of those, too, now trussed up in a bag in the freezer waiting for the day I suddenly turn into a gourmet chef.)

Why Gabe? you ask. Why not Gary, or Godfrey, or Rex?
I’ll tell you why. It’s a cute story. Maybe.
According to The Husband they stopped for fuel in a little town called Tara out in the middle of nowhere and there was this gecko, and it was beautiful and he thought I would like it so he bought it for me. Sweet, no? So the reasoning is that the Gecko is from Tara, which is the name of Scarlett O’Hara’s place in “Gone with the Wind”. Scarlett’s sweetheart (and nemesis) was Rhett Butler, who was played by Clarke Gable in the movie. Gable –> Gabe… see the connection?

It’s either brilliant or a brilliant depiction of my convoluted mind.

Oh, for the record, I was away for a weekend too. A girls’ weekend at Noosa on the Sunshine Coast. We were really excited for our 3 days of sun, surf and sea. What we got instead was rain. Lots and lots of rain. I re-learnt how to play 4-card Solitaire. A lot. I didn’t win a single game. (How can you play a card game against yourself and continuously lose for 3 days straight?!)

Mind you, it wasn’t a total waste. I also stayed up late one night and wrote a short story. It’s still in draft mode but I think it has potential. I’m in the process of editing it now. Perhaps my writer’s group can provide some feedback on it next week.