I’m tired of making excuses about why I haven’t updated my blog, why I haven’t written anything new. I don’t even know who I’m making the excuses to anymore. I’m fairly certain I don’t have dozens of people across the globe hanging on the edge of their seats waiting for me to share the contents of my head with them.

The truth of the matter is I just don’t know what to say. I started Twittering a few months back and it’s hard enough coming up with one-liners for that, never mind an entire blog post. (Oh in case you’re wondering, my Tweets are even less regular than my blog posts, believe it or not..!)

I just find it hard to imagine who would be interested in my little life. Over the last few weeks it has run something like this:

“Got house guests. Not as much fun as planned.”

“Got more house guests. Had a great time and went to feed the dolphins.”

“Great weather!”

“Moved house. What a schlep!”

“Dog 2 has decided she wants to kill Dog 1.”

“Paid $195 for a Dog Psychologist to come out for a consultation. He gave us A Plan.”

“Dog 2 still wants to kill Dog 1.”

“Had a 1-on-1 dance training session… fabulous!”

“Gorgeous weather! I love living at the beach.”

“Dog 2 still wants to kill Dog 1. Whole family stressed off their heads.”

“My friend survived an earthquake. Phew. That rocks!”

“Had to give Dog 2 up for adoption to another family. Cried my eyes out but at least the killing of Dog 1 has stopped.”

“Dog 1’s ears healing well & scar on his face is smaller but he’s pining for Dog 2. Maybe he didn’t mind that she wanted to kill him.”

“Gawd, what amazing weather we’re having!”

“Found a new dog – will call her Dog 2.2. Dog 1 is smitten and eating again. Sort of.”

“Bought new dance shoes.”

“Drinking black tea. Forgot it was a regular teabag; thought it was herbal. Too lazy to go add milk now… It’s not so bad.”

…And that brings us up to date.
Exciting stuff, eh?!
No, I wouldn’t pay to see the movie either.