I spent the morning notifying people of our change of address. The last one was the city council, for the dog registrations. I had a look at their website, found a phone number and called it. The voice that answered was female and sounded like it was smiling. She took my details, logged into the system and made all the changes in about 3 minutes.

It was just so easy!

All done, thank you very much, have a nice day… and she sounded like she meant it. After I hung up I thought how different that experience would have been if it had been Dublin City Council I was dealing with or – even worse – any one of the South African government departments. My experience with both of those has been that their missions are to make our lives as difficult as possible. We’re asking them to do work???! Unthinkable. You’ll pay for this. I need your mother’s maiden name, her mother’s maiden name, three passport photos and oh, please take a number – you are 756th in the queue.

Oh, how I love this place!