Sometimes I think I’m so clever I should have been twins.

Since I didn’t have to work last night I decided to cook a meal for a change. I took chicken pieces out to defrost during the day and  looked forward to a delicious supper of Chicken Tikka Masala. The sauce  comes out of a jar but I reckon that still counts as cooking because the food is hot and I have to spend some time in front of the stove.

Except that when I went to get the jar out of the cupboard at around 6:30 it wasn’t there. Two jars of pasta sauce and a stroganoff must have spirited the Tikka Masala away in the night. They thought they were so clever, taking its spot on the shelf like that, like I wouldn’t notice!

I could have made pasta, I suppose. But I didn’t want pasta. I wanted Tikka Masala. But with zero inclination to go to the shop and buy some I was left with only one alternative. I had to concoct it myself.

Considering that the only thing I knew about the sauce was what I could remember from the Indian take-out menus (which was not a lot, I admit) this was a somewhat risky decision. Let me be clear about this: I know nothing about Indian cooking! But I chopped some garlic, onions and tomatoes into a pan, added a tin of tomato puree mixed with another of coconut cream that I happened to have lying about and simmered it all for an undetermined amount of time with a bunch of spices and herbs that smelled as if they might add the flavour I was after.

Well blow me down, if it wasn’t one of the nicest dishes I have ever made!

OK so perhaps it wasn’t strictly chicken Tikka Masala… Google has since  revealed that yoghurt is normally involved.  But for someone who dislikes cooking as much as I do I reckon I did a damn fine job, and had the indigestion to prove it afterwards.