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We took our house guests over to Moreton Island for the weekend. Like last time, it poured with rain for much of the weekend. However this time we opted for hiring a luxury house on the hillside instead of sleeping in tents.  From my perspective this was a far better plan and involved decidedly less mud and mess.

Tinkerbell waits in the shallows for feeding-time.

Lying in wait...

One of the perks of this was that we got to feed the wild dolphins that visit the jetty at Tangalooma Resort each evening. Well, some of us did. There was a limited number of places so I sat on the pier and watched and photographed the others as they splooshed into the surf to hand over dead fish to the animals. If it had been actual swimming with the dolphins I might have put up a fight about it but since there is a strict No-Petting policy I didn’t mind hanging out and simply watching from the sidelines.

It was cool to see that most people approached the task with an expression of wonder on their faces. Many changed to a mild case of fright as the dolphins approached and they realised just how big they are up close. One little girl will probably be scared of dolphins for life, after her father carried her in and insisted she hold the fish out for the creature even though she was clearly terrified, clinging to him with her legs wrapped around his torso to keep her out of the water. I’m pretty sure she was convinced she was about to be eaten alive, poor thing. Yeah, it’s cool to be able to say you’ve fed a wild dolphin but I don’t know if it’s worth traumatising the kid for.

We saw some other wildlife as we travelled along the beaches too – a headless Dugong (deceased, obviously), several large Turtles (also deceased, unfortunately) and a dead Sea Snake that turned out not to be dead after all.

The dead snake... just before it started moving.

There were some live creatures too. The Pelicans never cease to fascinate me and we had great fun trying to snap pictures of the little crabs before they buried themselves in the sand.

Going undercover

Going undercover

After a day of bumping along on the sand in the 4×4 it was really pleasant to return to that luxury house and watch the sun set over Brisbane from across the sea.

Tangalooma Sunset

Of course it only looked like this on the first day because it rained the rest of the time but nonetheless, the view from our balcony was spectacular.
Once again I am reminded how much I love living here – all this is only an hour away from home on the ferry. What more could you ask for?