Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Left to Right: Dog 2 and Dog 1 - now asleep.

Dog 1 is bored.  He’s miffed at me because I wouldn’t allow him up onto the couch with me while I’m writing. This new reclining lounge suite of ours is about the best thing that ever happened to my novel. Feet up, laptop on my lap, I can sit like this for hours without my neck or back getting sore.  Now that it’s winter my office is a bit colder and darker than is cosy.  This idea of spending my days in the living room instead, in comfort and with a blanket thrown over my legs, is just wonderful.

Dog 1 likes the blanket over my legs too.  And the recliner. He likes to sneak up onto the footrest and sleep on my calves while I’m writing. He thinks I don’t know he’s there because I can’t see him over my laptop screen.

But I hurt my back this morning. As in, “!*$! Ouch!”
Bending, lifting – in fact almost all movement is extremely painful at this point.  So I have a heat pack wedged in behind my lower back and have found a comfortable position in the recliner and I’m not moving again until I absolutely have to.

Naturally when Dog 1 wanted to assume his favourite position on my legs I said no and pushed him off. So he stalked over to his little bed against the windows. With his back turned to me he heaved a huge sigh as he lay down. What a hard life, poor little thing. He then started to lick the corner of the sliding door. I’m not entirely sure why but I didn’t want licking to turn into chewing so I told him to stop.

If looks could spit, I’d be surfing.

Dog 2 was asleep through all of this in her own little bed, other side of the sliding doors against the same window. I know she was asleep because she was making her dream-noises.  Her little yips sound like loud bubbles popping as they reach the surface of the water – she must be chasing rabbits in her dreams. Or butterflies. She likes to chase butterflies.

It got so loud at one point that Dog 1 actually sat up and looked at her with a “what the hell is going on over there?” expression before settling himself back down, this time facing me. All I could see of his face was the top of his head and his little eyes peering at me mournfully over the rim of his bed.

He’d do well with a career on the Stage 🙂