I hear…
the low roar of traffic;
a cacophony of squawking Lorikeets in the trees down the road;
two little dogs growling at play in the yard, the tags on their collars tinkling like bells;
the buzz and yak of Moto GP racing and commentary on the television

I see…
bright moving pictures on the television;
a yellow glow cast by the lamp at my right shoulder;
The Husband, alternating his attention between the TV and his laptop;
one fluffy little dog, now falling asleep in sphinx-pose on his blanket outside (perhaps the sliding door will open by itself if he thinks about it hard enough?);

I taste…
the sweetness of the Anzac biscuit I guzzled a few minutes back (store-bought and not nearly as nice as the ones I make)

I smell…
the leather of our recently acquired lounge suite

I feel…
comfortable in my reclining chair;
Content on a winter evening in Queensland.