The dogs are miffed because Hubby put on his “walkies” shoes but instead of taking the mutts for a stroll he left them inside the house while walking the lawnmower around the back yard.  I can barely face the disappointed expressions in their little canine eyes, so I have chosen to sit at my desk and blog instead.  Yes, we will take them – just not right now.   It’s still a bit early.  Dogs don’t really have a great concept of time, though.

The Face of Disappointment

Luckily it won’t last long.  Unlike humans, dogs don’t hold grudges.  It’s true.  As much as you may think dogs remember things and always behave a certain way because of something that may have happened, this is not necessarily so.  Ask the Dog Whisperer – he knows.  Apparently what it normally is, is our pooch’s reaction to our own feelings.  They may not have terrific emotional memories but they are really sensitive to our moods and energy!

Which is why I am quite comfortable ignoring the pitiful looks I am getting from His Fluffiness who is currently boring holes into the back of my chair.  As soon as he gets bored (which, trust me, won’t be long) he will forget his current woes and life will return to normal.  However if I kept feeling sorry for him and having feelings of guilt then Oh Boy, he would pick up on that and end up behaving like he had been dreadfully neglected.

The other one has already lost interest.  Her feather-duster tail is no longer swishing the floor beside him.

Thank goodness.  Because let’s face it: the hardest part is not feeling sorry for them when they turn those doleful eyes on you as if to say, “Aw Pleeeeeease Ma?  Don’tcha love me anymore..?

Yeesh.  Give a gal a break.