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Hang on to your seats and try not to turn green with envy.  Guess who I went to see last night?

The one, the only, the amazing Rob Thomas!!!

Singing with Passion

He burst onto the stage at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre with the powerful and energetic “Fire on the Mountain”, bringing the audience to their feet in a heartbeat.  Mind you, with a Vanessa Amarossi as the warm-up act it wasn’t going to take much.  She was spectacular and if I ever have the chance to say one thing to her it is this:

Vanessa, you looked positively star-struck to be singing that duet with Rob but let me tell you, you are every bit as good and have every right to be up there sharing the stage with him.  You rock, girl!

What can I say about Rob Thomas?  I am not a silly teenager with a crush on him – although granted, when he started pulling his little moves I admit I was right there with the rest of the female population in the crowd thinking, “Oh yeah, I could handle a piece of that!”  The man does have sex appeal; it’s part of his magnetism.Gettin' Down

But if I were ever to meet him that would not be the first thing on my mind.  It’s more about his voice and his music, for me.  Right now, for instance, I have his CD playing as I type – it seems only right – and every few minutes I cannot help but pause to close my eyes and let the music wash over me.
Through all the ups and downs I have had over the last few years there have been times my soul has felt battered and my feelings numbed in the course of self-preservation.  Yet somehow his music has always managed to reach me, his lyrics speak to me and his voice reach out and enfold me as if in a comforting embrace.
It makes me feel better.
It makes me feel.

I would love to tell him that.  As an artist, I’m sure he would like to know that he has touched someone’s life.

Reaching out

That is why I splurged and got us good seats.  We were only six rows from the front, a bird’s eye view.   It was money well spent to not only see but feel up close the passion in his performance.  The acoustic version of  “Smooth”, originally recorded with Santana, had the crowd swaying along.  I had thought it was already perfect the way it was – who knew it could be so good, so different?
I loved his soulful rendition of “Ever the Same” but then it is one that gets to me anyway and of course “Cradlesong” brought the house down.  Well okay, I wasn’t paying much attention to the house but I thought it was amazing.

Yes, I thought the whole thing was amazing.  I was pretty much caught up in the moment for the entire concert, oblivious to everyone around me.  When he first spoke, after the opening couple of numbers, he suggested we forget the world outside for a couple of hours and do whatever we need to do to enjoy the music and let it do its thing.  That sounded like good advice so I stood and danced even when I was the only one for rows around who was.

In fact, on the off-chance he ever reads this…

Yes, Rob, that was me, the nutcase woman in the black sparkly top dancing away by herself off to your right.  Thanks for a great night and don’t ever stop making your music…

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