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Oops, I did not realise so much time had passed since I last posted.  Ideas periodically pop into my head (“Ooh, that would make a good blog post!”) and then poof! they disappear before I can lay hands on a pen and paper.  I have this short-term memory issue at the moment, you see.  Have I mentioned it before?  I cannot recall.

I have been busy, busy, busy and so the days have melted one into the other with barely chance to draw breath in between.  There has been a fair bit of writing involved, I am pleased to say, although not all of it of the novel variety.  The short fiction contest at The Clarity of Night saw me not only writing two stories but then, too, came the reading of the other 236 entries for the purposes of Readers’ Choice voting.

I also found myself in a rather silly predicament early last week.  It’s January, right?  Start of a new year in my new country and embarking on a new career. Pretty much a whole new life, if you think about it.
Plus I was riding high after having a lovely birthdays.  (No that’s not a type-o, it was so good I made it last two days.)   I decided then that I had procrastinated long enough.  As much as I love you all, it is time for me to start mixing with actual people of the writing variety, instead of only virtual ones.  No offense – believe me, nobody could ever replace you guys!  It’s just that I feel like I need some real-time conversation, y’know?  With people who, like you, might just understand what I’m on about with this whole writing lark, but in real life… especially since I’m a novice and sometimes feel like I have no clue what I’m doing.
So after months of staring at the little newspaper clipping that has, by now, begun curling at the corners and become slightly discolored, I finally plucked up my courage and went along to a Writers Group meeting.

The predicament, however, was that the dude I spoke to on the phone beforehand suggested rather flippantly that I bring along something I’d written, to read, if I liked.  WHAAAAAT????
I’ve never shown any of my writing to Actual People before.  Even when I won my £50 in the short story competition a few years ago, it was all done by snail-mail.  When I read through my work to date I could find nothing suitable to wear show to a Writers Group.  Me being me, I then spent a couple of days maniacally throwing together a few pages that sort of serve as a back-story to my novel – pages I wasn’t too ashamed to show anyone.  The novel, you see, is nowhere near ready to be exposed to anybody else.  I am in the “get the story out” phase – niceties be damned!

The meeting wasn’t nearly as scary as I was expecting.  In fact the people were quite normal (by creative standards) and made me feel right at home.  As it turned out I did not even read my pages, in the end.  They realised I was nervous and did not push the issue.  How nice is that?  I felt comfortable enough to join in the conversations, though, about the others’ readings, which is somewhat unusual for me.  I thought I would be hiding in a corner somewhere.

Perhaps I know more than I think I do.

Next month I will have something to read and I’m actually looking forward to it.