I have been writing my butt off this week.

My long-time blogging buddy Jason Evans is running one of his famous short fiction contests over at The Clarity of Night.  It is based on this fabulous photograph (taken by Jason):

Silhouette Sky - by Jason Evans

The object is to write a short story, inspired by the above photograph, in 250 words or less.

Rules and regulations etc can be found here.

My entry is number 37.  I wrote something based on the sneak preview a couple of weeks back, but then when it came to the beginning of the week, when the competition opened, I went back and read what I’d written and hated it.  So I stayed up late and wrote something else instead!  I wouldn’t allow myself to read any of the other entries until I’d sent in my own so now here I am, Friday night, madly reading all the entries posted so far to catch up.

I don’t know how Jason does it; the hosting, the posting and the judging.  Hats off to you, my friend!

For anyone else who feels like a break, pop in and have a read.  The caliber of writing is excellent; you’d be amazed at what can be packed into 250 words!  And for anyone who feels like a challenge – why not submit a story of your own?  You might surprise yourself.