But for a ‘plane ride (albeit a long one, admittedly) and a piece of paper stuck in my passport, this Christmas would have been spent in Ireland.  Mind you, if it weren’t for another ‘plane ride a few years before that, it would have been yet another spent in South Africa, no doubt.  Strange how things work out.
As things stand, though, this was our first Christmas in Australia.

Memory is a funny thing.  I can remember how cold it is in Ireland at this time of year – I recall last year how we huddled under blankets in front of the fire, trying to keep warm on Christmas Eve.  Yet somehow, in the humid heat of Brisbane I can’t actually conjure up how it felt, anymore.  How quickly new memories replace old ones.  I’m sure I said the same when I was there, only it was something about how I couldn’t remember then how it felt to be hot.

I remember now.  And yes, it is good 🙂

It seems the rainy season has arrived.  Gosh, the sky certainly knows how to chuck it down here!  It held off on Christmas day, for the most part.  We spent the day at the cousin-in-law’s house.  After a banquet of a barbecue we spread a blanket on the lawn under a tree and allowed the sea breeze to cool us as we enjoyed our wine, watching the clouds scudding by and listening to the lorikeets squawking nearby.  ‘Tis a far cry indeed from last year.

I hosted a mini-banquet of my own on Christmas Eve.  It hit me, a few weeks ago, that I would never again enjoy the family tradition at my grandmother’s table.  She passed away earlier this year.  So I took it upon myself to keep her tradition alive as best I could.  It was a small family gathering – we only invited the cousin-in-law’s, who have one little girl, a sweet little thing with the face of an angel.  I set a pretty table and spent all day cooking.  We ate avocado ritz, followed by roast lamb, roasted veggies and potatoes and späetzle with gravy.  My Oma must have been watching over me because the food was perfect.  The trifle was greeted with “Wow” when I brought it to the table.

Terri's Terrific Trifle!

Terri's Terrific Trifle!

Oma would have been proud of me.
I was proud of me.

It was a good Christmas, the first of many here, I hope.  It certainly set a good precedent.

I hope you all had a good Christmas too?  Oh, and… anyone care to join me on some extra-long walks with the dog to work off some of the Christmas cheer?
Yep, it’s a good thing I only make that trifle once a year..!