OK can the Techno Gremlins please stop laughing and quit it now please?  I’ve had about enough!

For someone who quit I.T. a few months back I’ve spent more time on the phone to Tech Support lines, and reinstalling computers than anyone should have to.  My phone won’t download MMS messages.  The new printer ink cartridge won’t work.  The operating system downgrade disc for hubby’s laptop didn’t work.  Every time our home phone rang, it killed our internet connection.

And then, last Friday, my own laptop crashed. Are you freakin’ kidding me???!!!  Nope.  The dreaded Blue Screen of Death poked its nasty little face at me every time it tried to boot up.  So after a few attempts I did what any self-respecting female ex-techie would do.
I went shopping.

But I had to go back to it at some stage and the upshot is that after reinstalling the whole thing it turns out the graphics chip is fried.  Apparently this is a known issue with this model, although it wasn’t known to me, obviously, until it was too late.  So now I’m sitting with a beautiful high-spec laptop that can be used for little more than a word processor.  And of course the parts can only be sourced from Europe – not a great help when I’m sitting in Oz.
And so I spent yet another day rebuilding yet another PC – our old one that was designated for gaming but which is now being claimed by Yours Truly because I am surely not going to be spending a bunch of cash on a new laptop right now because, you guessed it, the warranty ran out about 2 months ago.

Would the Universe please cut me a little slack, please…?!?