They say if we survive today, we’ll survive Summer (which I’m not sure has started yet, I think it’s still officially Spring here.)  Hubby reckons the thermometer in his car told him it was around 36 degrees (Celcius – what’s that, 96F?)  on his way home yesterday, just before 4pm.  And it had cooled off a LOT by then.  Today will be hotter.  I walked the dog this morning and was back home by 8:15 am and it was already way too hot to be out there.

But y’know what?  I’d still rather have this than that cold, dreary, miserable, grey, sleety, snowy, rainy, freezing, “Wintry Squally” shite that we had to contend with in Ireland!!!!

At least I’m getting to wear my strappy dresses at last 🙂