Let’s just pretend it hasn’t been 2 weeks since my last post, OK?  OK.

It’s sort of natural progression, though, from the last one… our house now looks like a home.  All the furniture fits (this was a genuine concern, I admit) and all the boxes are unpacked (bar a few containing books and CD’s – the purchase of a couple of bookcases is quite high on my agenda).  The task of getting all this done fell to yours truly, naturally.  Isn’t it always so?  If I were to generalize – a dangerous exercise, but as you know I am happy to fly in the face of danger – I would say that men would be quite happy to live in a house full of unopened boxes indefinitely as long as they have a couch, a fridge and a working TV.  Hm.  So it was pretty much left to me do the rest and of course with my, “If you’re going to do it, do it properly” philosophy I’ve been working my ass off for the last 2 weeks, neglecting not only my blog but also my friends and family on email and my poor fledgeling novel.

But it’s done now, and so my life can continue.

It wasn’t all work though.  Because as much as one would’ve thought that The Husband would’ve helped me on weekends, when he wasn’t working, in actual fact what happened was we both took the weekends off for a bit of R&R.  One of them facilitated our Pajero’s first 4×4 excursion in the form of a camping trip at Bribie Island.  The weather was perfect – a fairly normal occurrence in this part of the world – and the car performed to perfection.  Between us, The Husband and I even figured out how to put up our tent, purchased in Ireland about a year ago with exactly this situation in mind.  That evening, with a potjie bubbling away, a beer in hand and plenty of anti-mozzie muti sprayed on exposed skin, I couldn’t help but think yet again that this must be our reward for having put up with living in Ireland for so long.  Un-friggin-believable.

This Saturday just past we did a bit more exploring but closer to home.  Our plan is to see as much as Brisbane as possible so we can make an informed decision when it comes to the next house we rent (or buy, if the ship comes in).  We headed off to the south east of Brisbane to take a look, stopping at the Grand View Hotel for lunch.  It was yet another gloriously sunny day and we ate fresh seafood in the shade in the terrace restaurant, lush tropical foliage all around, enjoying views over Moreton Bay at Queensland’s oldest licensed hotel.  Isn’t it wonderful when you stumble into these amazing places by accident?!

From there we drove a little way north to Wellington Point.  Along the way we spotted a small group of people on the side of the road looking up a tree.  The Husband, being the clever man that he is, quickly pulled the car over and urged me to grab my camera and join them… lo and behold but there I saw my first (and second) real live in-their-natural-habitat Koala bear!  So I joined the little group of people looking up the tree and took a whole bunch of photos while I was at it.  Momma bear was asleep through most of it, although she did wake up long enough to scratch herself at one point.  Baby bear was staring down at us as much as we were staring up at it.  Occasionally another car would stop and someone else would join our little group, and someone would get tired of staring up the tree and leave.  The man whose driveway we were standing in came home and was quite patient with all of us, didn’t even run us flat even though the little old ladies took their sweet time getting out of his way.

That seems to be the way of Queenslanders though.

No worries, Mate.