The time has come for me to get some wheels.  The Husband bought his Pajero within days of us arriving in Brisbane.  He’d spent six months or more deciding what car to buy, knowing that we’d need transport as soon as possible, so by the time we got here the legwork had been done – hours and hours of research into what would be the best vehicle to suit all his purposes (whatever they may be… the whole process is a little bit of a mystery to me, quite frankly, although he made it appear all quite scientific.)

So now we’re settled and he drives his big 4×4 to work and back every day while I stay in my home office and listen my music playing and the birds tweeting in the trees outside my window while I attempt to fulfil my dream of writing a novel.  Occasionally, however I, too, need to leave the house; otherwise it sort of starts feeling a little like a prison… and it’s quite difficult to feel creative in a prison.  I’ve spent some time in the last week looking online at vehicles for sale – here’s the catch, though.  We’re sort of on a budget.  So do I get a small car (which is OK, I like a small car – they’re easier to park… I do believe the parking gene lives in the Y chromosome)… but it’ll most likely be an old car, which more often than not means it won’t be a very pretty car… or do I spend the money on a motorcycle?  A big, fun, put-a-smile-on-you-face, enjoy-the-sunshine motorcycle.  One that doesn’t have space for groceries, or the dog (if I need to take him to the vet), or shopping bags.  Hm, not terribly practical, but it will feel so much nicer than an ugly, old car.

Do you see my dilemma now?  Ultimately, I plan to have both.  We won’t be penny-pinching forever (I hope!), but our start-up costs have taken a chunk out of our savings and now is the time to put on the brakes for a while.  When things have stabilised and we’re bringing more in than is going out again, then I intend to have a nice, new(ish) little car – I’m quite a fan of the hot-hatch variety although not quite in the boy-racer category – as well as a motorcycle to take out for pleasure riding when the fancy takes me.

Right now, though, I just need some wheels.  However, I refuse to drive an ugly car.  Period.  So the queen of indecision is having a bit of a hard time with this one, and The Husband is doing his best not to get frustrated with me… being a man, he can’t see what the problem is.  There are, after all, plenty of solid cars out there.   He doesn’t see ‘ugly’ though. That, I think, is a woman thing.

So, in the absence of a non-ugly, small, cheap car with air-con, I may have to go down the motorcycle route.  My oh my, the sacrifices we have to make 😉