An eerie glow crept over Brisbane this morning.   I had only just finished cleaning the house from top to bottom (gotta love the irony of this) when The Husband phoned to suggest I bring in the washing and consider closing windows.  When I looked outside I could see what looked like storm clouds approaching.  I was correct, in a manner of speaking. Apparently a dust storm that had started in the interior, was swept up by high winds and carried towards Sydney, had decided to spread northwards and Brisbane was its next target.

By midday it had arrived and things became quite spooky.  A weird orange light settled over us.  The wind picked up, cool and warm at the same time.  My mouth felt dry, my breath almost catching in my throat as I breathed in the dust.  But of course I had to go outside to take photographs – what sort of blogger would I be if I didn’t?

There are a few more photos on my Flickr page if you’re interested – the link is in the side bar on the right.

I even brought the dog inside – I couldn’t very well leave him out there breathing in all that horrible dirt now, could I?  Oddly enough he seems to have appreciated the kindness, for once, and is not tearing the place apart.  After a spot of fly-catching he settled down and has spent the rest of the day napping (once I’d convinced him eating my toes was not an option).  Ah, the joys of having a pet…!

Why isnt it moving anymore?

Hopefully this dust storm won’t stick around too long.  There’s no indication in the news to let us know.  All they’re saying is stay indoors as much as possible and go easy in the traffic – visibility is pretty bad out there.  The airport was rather chaotic, apparently, because flights were diverted to our airport from Sydney, which has been much worse hit than we have.  The doomsdayers are warning of eye infections, asthma attacks, power cuts (if the dust settles on the lines and then it rains this can be a problem… I think I’ve seen rain twice in the month we’ve been here, and then it’s hardly been more than a mild sprinkling!) – there’s always something we need to Be Very Careful Of.  To be fair, it’s not terribly pleasant out there and I am thinking of cancelling this evening’s walk with the dog.  Although judging by his rising energy levels this may not be the best idea for my sanity.  We’ll see how easy it is to breathe out there in an hour or so.

Meanwhile, oh look, an afternoon gone and nothing constructive to show for it.  Urgh.  Where does the time go?!