With Tchaikovsky playing out of the speakers in my laptop and afternoon sunshine dappling in through the window onto my imitation French writing desk, it appears my dream has come true. Today I worked out the plot for my novel. It has been lurking in my head, elusive in detail, teasing me with tasters of clarity over the last few days only to scuttle off into murkiness again, laughing mercilessly as I try to grab it by the tail before it disappears completely. But today I get the last laugh because By Jove, I got it!

I know it seems that everyone wants to be a writer, these days, but not everyone gets a chance to do it. Lucky for me, this move that we’ve made to the other side of the planet seems to have presented me with a unique opportunity, and The Husband has agreed that if I don’t give it a bash now, then when will I ever get another chance to do so? So I am grabbing this one with both hands and running with it!

It’s quite a scary thing to do, though. Up until now all the writing I have done has pretty much been for my own pleasure – writing purely to get it out of my system.  It’s almost instinctive to stop myself before I’ve even started, with thoughts like, “What makes you think you can write anything anyone else would be willing to read?” and other such upbeat wonderings.  So naturally, the first thing I did was to sit down and read what I had already written, just to see if there’s anything there worth building on. Well blow me down with a feather –  it’s not all crap!   In fact I even found 3 chapters of something I’d completely forgotten about that actually had me wondering what happens next.

So it looks like I’m out of the starting blocks.  Next up: getting to know my characters a bit better… although, to be fair, I’ve had them in my head for some time now so really it’s more of a case of fine-tuning them.  Strangely enough the hardest part for me is finding names for them.

I actually can’t quite believe how different my life is now to what it was a couple of months ago.  In fact, I sometimes wonder how I survived that old life for so long without offing myself… but that’s another story entirely 😉