This seems to be the question we’re asking the most lately.  The days are simply running into each other; we have no concept of week or weekend, only of what needs to be done.  As it turns out, it’s only been a week since our excursion to the beach.  Really??!

The Big News, on our Progress Front, is that we have found a house to rent.  All together now: “Yay!!!!”
We moved in on Friday, The Husband and I, and finally our suitcases are unpacked in their final resting place (at least for the next 6 months, at which point there is a good chance we will move again but let’s worry about that later).  Since the container containing all our household possessions won’t be here for another month or so, we have taken the plunge and treated ourselves by finally purchasing a new bed – a big, 15-year-warranty posture-correct hug-you-when-you’re-sleeping mattress and a pretty wood and metal King Size frame to put it on.  Of course the bloody frame arrived flat-pack (doesn’t anything get delivered ready made anymore?) so we really appreciated the chiropractic support mattress last night after spending hours screwing the damn thing together on our hands and knees… ahem… not exactly what we would’ve had in mind…

So anyway, we have a lovely 4 bedroom house in anticipation of the kids arriving in a few weeks.  The Husband waited at home  for delivery of the bed, mattress and fridge.  We couldn’t bring ours with when we moved so we are now the proud owners of a monster fridge that dispenses cold water through the door.  (The Husband does like his gadgets.)  Meanwhile, I went shopping, so we now also have a kettle, toaster, plates and mugs, knives, forks & spoons, a wok and a spatula.
That should keep us going for a month or so.

As for the furniture,  we’ve borrowed a TV and 2 camping chairs from The Husband’s cousin.  The rest of the house is empty and I must admit the echoing off the tiled floors is a little freaky… I may yet look into this whole idea of renting furniture, which I believe one can do over here.

Meanwhile, we took a day off this week to do a bit of sightseeing – hopped on a train to go to the city.  I was quite blown away – Brisbane is beautiful!

We had lunch at one of the many eating establishments around the Queen Street Mall area – a pedestrianised street that is buzzing with people of all shapes, sizes and dress codes.  I reckon I could sit on a bench there all day and just watch the world go by.

We crossed the river to where the theatres are (apologies, I didn’t make a note of the names of places, was too busy ogling and taking pictures!) and walked along the promenade / pathway next to the river.  It’s all very pretty; there are so many trees in the city and although there are plenty of buildings and bridges and high rises there is still an awful lot of nature around too.

And then there are the city ferries – our train tickets were valid on that so we rode the ferry to the end of the river and back again, just to see what was there.  The river winds in S’s back on itself so you keep seeing the city from different angles.

Out of the city itself, along the river banks it is all residential – pricey, to be sure, but oh my, certainly something to aspire to… I could certainly see myself writing on my deck overlooking the river, and using the ferry to commute to the city to do my shopping.  Oh yes.  Definitely a plan for the future.

For now, though, a simple desk on which to perch my laptop would suffice..!