Brisbane CBD - snapped from a bridge as we passed

Well after 6 days on the road we finally arrived in Brisbane today.  This is our new home town and though we haven’t seen much of it, so far so good.  We passed loads of signs for water parks and theme parks and the weather is simply outstanding: bright blue skies and hot sunshine – this is why we moved here!

We’re staying with The Husband’s cousin and his wife, they’re being kind enough to open their home to us.  It’s always great to have someone to help out when you’re starting off in a new country.

So within the next day or two we’re going to have to switch out of holiday mode and into start-new-life mode.  We need to organize things like drivers licenses, jobs, a home… you know, the basics.  But for now we’re just happy to be here.  The road trip was great, we got to see much of the country.  Now we get to check out our new home town.

But I can tell you one thing already: I was right.  The sun Does shine here!