Well G’day mates 🙂

I’m writing this on Friday night, though I’m not too sure when it’ll get posted since I am currently experiencing internet access issues. This happens when one is in transit I’m afraid, although I have it on good authority that wireless access is available at MacDonalds all across Australia so perhaps tomorrow I’ll have to eat a cardboard burger while I turn this notepad document into a blog post. Plus I have a few really long emails to respond to. I could do this on my phone but my thumbs get tired after a while.

So yes, here we are, five days on into our new live in the land of Oz. It’s been real. Or surreal, to be more accurate. The flight was long. So…very….long…. I just wanted to sleep… wasn’t sure, was it day or night? Sunday or Monday? Breakfast, lunch or dinner? And then there was customs, and security, and queues, and more customs and more security. And yet more customs. And another queue just to be sure. And I was so. very. tired.

And then all of a sudden there was my cousin waiting with his son, and a smile on his face, and we were here, and I was finally happy and excited, and in my new home. At last.

Melbourne was cold. What???! Yes, ‘fraid so. It is Winter here, and it shows. Between that and the jet lag (nothing like lying awake at 3am for no good reason when you’re dog tired) me and my man have both been attacked by a Most Vicious Head Cold. No, don’t get excited, it’s not the Swine Flu. I’ve had flu and this is not it, swine or otherwise. We just have the snots. (HaHaHa, grossed you out!!!)

Ahem, where was I? Oh yes, chilly Melbourne. We spent 1 day this week having a look around the city, checking out the alleys with all the pokey eateries and cafés, the graffiti that isn’t graffiti, the tall shiny buildings, sparkling gold Yarra river and taking a tram ride on one of the original city trams. The rest of the time was spent with my Cuz and his family, chilling out and being; doing a bit of shopping and getting ourselves acclimatised. Today, with our body clocks somewhat recovered, we picked up a rental car and started driving North. We’re spending tonight in a motel in Albury, which seems even colder than Melbourne. Tomorrow, lookout Canberra! From there, we’ll take a slow drive up towards the coast and keep on going until eventually we hit Brisbane.

That’s where we plan to stop for good.

I hear the sun shines there.