All our household possessions were packed up yesterday for shipping to our new homeland.  It went smoothly for the most part, although there was a moment when we thought we’d have to leave the couch behind.  Did they build the house around the couch..? No, apparently they took the feet off the couch and removed the lounge window to get it in.  This is what we assume, anyway, because that was the only way we could move said sofa out of the house and into the truck.

Today we parked our beloved bikes at a bike shop belonging to someone we know.  They’ll look after them and sell them for us ( the market is really slow right now so they haven’t sold yet – shipping them over with us was just not a viable option ). We’ve closed the bank accounts, cancelled the gas & electric and handed over the keys.  There’s not much left to do now except try to relax.  Hopefully the stresses of the last few weeks will drain away and make way for the excitement of starting a new life. 


I’m beginning to think I might be getting to old for this sh*t.

So it’s a good thing this is probably going to be the last trans-continental move we make.  Here’s hoping it’s all we think it’s going to be.

We’re having some drinks tonight as a little farewell with some of our mates (that should help me relax!).  So I guess it’s a case of Eat, Drink and Be Merry… for the Day after Tomorrow we Fly!

Wish me luck.  Next time I post it’ll probably be from the Land Down Under.