I awoke this morning with a purpose in mind: to make sure my husband had a great day on his birthday!

He got a carefully prepared mug of filter coffee in bed, along with mini-muffins to stave off starvation, and a gift that was pretty cool – actually it was a bunch of small things which is cool in that it’s like getting a whole lot of presents instead of just one thing.  He liked that and he was happy.  I surreptitiously sent the kids reminders to wish their Dad some time during the day.  I had saved the last of the eggs, bacon, bananas and tomatoes so I made him a good fry-up for breakfast.  Even the weather played along and we ate at the kitchen table bathed in glorious sunshine before getting started on our day’s activities.

For tomorrow the movers arrive to pack up our house, let us not forget!

And I was most impressed when The Son rang up to wish his dad a happy birthday.  This was all going beautifully according to plan.

And then The Daughter rang up and said, “What the hell, guys??!  It’s only the 11th today, I thought Dad’s birthday was on the 12th?!”  It was about then I realised I may have lost the plot completely.

So much for my military precision plan.  The Husband is not too upset ‘cos he gets a 2-day birthday (and yes, you may ask the burning question i.e. did he not know it wasn’t his own birthday?  Uh no, he takes his lead from me on these things…!)  I hope he doesn’t expect another gift tomorrow though… and I’m afraid it’s either stale toast or breakfast out in the morning.

There are other repercussions to my miscalculation though.   The movers, it turns out, will only be here on Thursday and not tomorrow, as I had thought.  Looks like we’ll be eating take-out until then ‘cos there’s nothing left in the house to cook with.

Forced to pick and shoes

Forced to pick and shoes

On the bright side, we now have a day in hand, which is good ‘cos I’m thinking of re-thinking what I packed in my suitcases yesterday.  It was kind of hard choosing which shoes to pack and which ones to send in the shipping container, which will take 3-4 months to reach us in Australia.   As it stands now, our luggage is on the very verge of its weight limitations and I haven’t packed toiletries, so now that we have a bit of breathing space I think I’ll take another look and be completely ruthless and remove some lesser-needed items.  After all, they have shops in Australia, don’t they?

Oh, you’re wondering how on earth I managed to get in such a muddle?  It’s quite simple, actually.  I have this picture in my head of the calender that I printed out that we’ve been using as our To Do list for this little Relocation of ours.  It has all the days on it and what is to be done each day.   The calendar that I printed out starts with the first day on each line as a Monday.  Unfortunately I haven’t looked at it in a while and the picture in my head is a bit skwiff and so I have the first day on each line in my head as being a Sunday.

What can I say, except…  Oops!  And Happy Birthday – again, tomorrow.