One week from today a team of people will invade our house and pack all our belongings into boxes, load them all into a container and ship the whole lot to the other side of the planet.  What am I doing today?  Writing a blog post, of course. It’s my way of dealing with panic. {insert maniacal laughter here}

Up until last night our home looked exactly like it always has.  Today, we started getting organized.  I had a bunch of admin to do – sorting through paperwork, claiming taxes back (we live in hope!) and as for the rest, well, mostly we’re finding all we’re doing is shifting things around the place.  So now, where things were all packed away before, we have piles of stuff scattered around the place.  It made sense, before we started, to do this.  Put all the books together, so they’d all get packed together.  All the CD’s, etc etc… but omigosh I gotta tellya this is quite a mammoth task and I don’t quite know where to go next and so, you’re getting a blog post today.  Interesting, isn’t it?

The sideboard drawers are empty, the doors are open.  The contents of the drawers are in old biscuit tins on the dining room table.  The tins don’t fit back in the sideboard.  Don’t quite know what I’m going to do about that for the next week.  There is also quite a bit of liquor on the sideboard shelves, which we can’t take with us.  I can’t really afford to spend the next week in an alcoholic daze, so not really too sure what we’re going to do about that either.  My sister-in-law is staying with us for a couple of days this week and to her credit she’s making a valiant effort to help us eliminate our red wine collection, so that’s a start, at least.  You can always count on family to lend a hand, eh?!

Ah well, on the positive side, at least I am no longer working (let’s hear a big “YAY!!!”) and the end is in sight.  Two weeks from now the whole thing will be over and we’ll be on the other side of the world, embarking on our new adventure.

Procrastination over.  Seeya later…